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The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a non -profit organization founded in 2004, that works to protect biodiversity and wildlife and advocates for the sustainable use of natural resources, by:

  • contributing to the protection, maintenance and restoration of places of local, national and international importance for biodiversity;
  • taking actions to maintain and restore the area and quality of habitats important for biodiversity;
  • working to attract more people to the idea of ​​wildlife conservation, building networks of local conservation structures to integrate environmental needs into business practices for the benefit of people and biodiversity;
  • assisting state, public, academic, business and other institutions, organizations and individuals in their work on biodiversity and wildlife conservation;
  • contributing to the strengthening the international prestige of Bulgaria in the field of biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

To achieve its objectives, the Society does:

1. Establish a scientific basis for conservation actions, and through projects, expeditions, studies and the like collect and store scientific data on species and habitats; summarize, analyze and disseminate information, monitor changes in biodiversity and wildlife.

2 . Through workshops, seminars , conferences and other similar events prepare action plans and management plans for species and habitats, as well as approaches for integrating conservation in the public and economic development and ways to support local people to earn from environmentally friendly practices.

3 . Deliver direct practical activities for the conservation of species and habitats and thus contributes to the prosperity of the people , and through projects, expeditions , field conservation camps , field work and the like apply innovative methods that synchronize conservation efforts with those of the state institutions, organizations and local communities.

4 . Prepare proposals for the designation of new protected sites, for restoration of damaged or destroyed natural sites or extinct species, to improve the conservation of species, sites and habitats, and assist the relevant institutions in the implementation of these proposals.

5 . Provide environmental education and training through campaigns, lectures and other public events, printed materials, electronic media and other means; spread environmental knowledge in society through projects and joint programs and publications, lectures and the like; cooperate with state and municipal educational institutions.

6 . Maintain the conservation needs through participation in expert councils, committees and teams, national programs and projects, environmental impact assessment teams, editorial boards and the like, by promoting the role of biodiversity for the favorable state of the environment to the Government, municipalities, businesses, politicians and other decision makers.

The funds of the Society are collected from:

1. Annual membership fees;

2. Donations;

3. Projects and incomes of the Society;

4. Support from Bulgarian and foreign persons and international organizations.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is a part of the Bulgarian NGO coalition “For the Nature”.

You can see some of our finalized projects here.